Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol with High Quality
Ethanol can be mixed with white spirit; used as adhesive; nitro paint spraying; solvent for varnish, cosmetics, ink, paint remover, etc.; raw materials for manufacturing pesticide, medicine, rubber, plastic, artificial fiber, detergent, etc.; it can also be used as antifreeze, fuel, disinfectant, etc
Technical Parameter
Product NameEthyl Alcohol
CAS NO64-17-5
Molecular weight:46.07
Viscosity:1.074 mPa.s,20鈩?/span>
Melting point:-114鈩?/span>
Flashing point:13鈩?/span>
Chemical formula:C2H6O
EINECS No.:200-578-6
PH:7.0 (10g/l, H2O, 20鈩?
Boiling point:78.4鈩?/span>
Vapor pressure:5.8kpa,20鈩?/span>
Explosive limit:3.1-27.7%(V)
Product Properties
70% 锝?75% alcohol is used for disinfection; 95% alcohol is used for wiping ultraviolet lamp; 40% 锝?50% alcohol can prevent bedsore; 25% 锝?50% alcohol can be used for physical antipyretic; patients with high fever can use it to wipe themselves to achieve the purpose of cooling. Note: the alcohol concentration should not be too high, otherwise it may stimulate the skin and absorb a lot of water from the skin.
1. It is the raw material of dye, coating, antifreeze, fuel and detergents etc.
2. It is widely used in organic synthesis industries such as rubber and plastics etc.
3. Important organic solvents.
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Best Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol with High Quality
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