Product Description:
ITEMFactory Wholesale 3 Ply Non-Woven Disposable Medical Face Mask
MaterialMeltblown and Non-woven
Size170*90 mm
Feature1. Three-Ply mask
2. It is mainly made of non-woven fabric with a filter layer in the middle.
3. Bacterial filtration rate reaches 95%
4. The products are sterilized with ethylene oxide before leaving the factory, and the masks are put on the market after analysis
Capacity and advantages:
1. The company has 3 rapid automated mask production lines, which can produce up to 360,000 masks per day
2. The company can add equipment and increase production capacity at any time within 5 days according to market needs.
3. The company and the melt-blown Fabric manufacturer have signed a strategic partnership, and the melt-blown Fabric will not be out of stock.
4. The company has a 100,000-level purification workshop, which can produce sterile masks
Difference between our masks and medical masks :
Appearance, size, nose clip, number of layers:
Basically no difference
Ventilation resistance:
Gas exchange resistance on both sides of the mask is not greater than 49Pa / cm2( No Problem)
Bacterial filtration rate:
Medical masks require a bacterial filtration efficiency of not less than 95% (because the bacterial filtration rate is completely determined by the intermediate layer of melt blown cloth, the melt blown cloth used by our company is medical grade, which can reach more than 95%)
The company's masks are produced in a 100,000-level purification workshop. The products are sterilized with ethylene oxide before leaving the factory, and the masks are put on the market after analysis.
Cetificate:cheap Face Mask
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