Monitor Stands Make Your Work Setup More Comfortable

A Monitor Stand is a work from home essential that serves two

important purposes: Giving you extra space for your accessories, cleaning off your desk, and making your workspace more

ergonomic. By elevating your monitor closer to eye-level you won’t have to crane your neck for hours at a time, which can

strain it over time.

We’ve had hands-on testing time with a number of monitor stands, and collected the ones that are worth your time in this

guide. All of these stands will work with any monitor, regardless of its size or who makes it. You can also use these stands

to elevate a laptop — PC or Mac — or a monitor and computer if the stand is large enough.

If your neck is sore at the end of each work day, or you want a little extra storage space on your desk, these are the

monitor stands we recommend.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best Monitor Stands for you; below are the most important ones,

which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: The monitor stands we’re recommending are between 10 and 46 inches wide; larger ones are better if you want to fit

two monitors, while smaller ones are better for compact desks.

Elevation: The monitor stands in our guide are between 2.19 and 8.5 inches tall — think about this when deciding how

high your monitor needs to be for optimal comfort. If you use an Adjustable Stand

, you’ll have more flexibility.

Materials: All of the monitor stands we’re recommencing are made out of wood or metal, so they’ll add a nice aesthetic

quality to your home office.

Additional Space: One of the biggest advantages of using a monitor stand is the ability to use space below the stand for

storage. Every monitor below offers some level of storage for accessories, so you can clean up your desk.

If we can’t adjust our monitors, we adjust ourselves and our posture to the position of our screen. We hunch. We crane

our necks. And in computer intensive roles, we do this for long periods of time. This leads to eye, neck and back strain,

which in turn leads to musculoskeletal disorders, time off work, and ultimately a loss in productivity.

This is where an adjustable Pos Stand is key. If a person can

adjust the height, distance and angle of their monitor it means they can adjust their technology to their own unique

requirements. Reducing the occurrence of eye, neck and back strain.

At home, or in the office, using a Tablet Stand is a

practical solution to free your hands and comfortably read multimedia content. But still, most people are not aware of their

alluring benefits. Also, this accessory is available in such a wide variety, that it can be tricky to find the one that suits

your needs.

Viewing a tablet screen on a flat surface or haphazardly propped up on something is both uncomfortable and annoying,

while having to hold it up at a certain height gives you dead arms. A tablet desk stand offers you comfort and even saves you

from neck, arm, and back pain.

If you’re using both hands to type on your Macbook but still want to use your iPad to view something, then a tablet

stand could prove helpful.

A desktop stand can improve productivity once the tablet is at the same level as your computer, as you can easily switch

between tasks.

How to Choose the Right Tablet Desk Stand?

While you might have an idea about what kind of tablet stand to get, you can still be overwhelmed by the options out


So what factors do you need to consider when selecting a suitable stand?

Here’re a few tips to help you make up your mind.

1. Size

It’s not just about how big the TV Stand is but more about the size

of the tablet it supports.

Tablet stands come in different shapes and sizes. Some are larger with more features and tend to be sturdy static desk

stands capable of holding bigger tablets, whereas, portable stands may only hold smaller-sized ones.

If you have multiple tablets, or you’re sharing the stand with your family and colleagues, it’s better to buy one that

holds tablets of varying sizes and weights.

2. Flexibility

There may be times when you want to rotate your tablet between portrait and landscape mode or alter the angle of your

screen. With a tablet stand that allows you to adjust the device, you can easily switch to Facetime from a movie. If you’re

using the tablet to give a presentation, it’s a lot easier to show everyone what’s on the screen.

3. Height

How do you want to access the tablet? There are ARM Stands of

different heights for different purposes.

If you want to use your tablet while standing, choose one that allows you to look at the screen at eye level. To use a

tablet stand at your work desk, make sure it lets you comfortably use the tablet.

4. Location

Where will you put the tablet desk stand? Is it part of your office setup, or will you use the tablet in the kitchen so

you can look at recipes while you cook?

Some tablet holders sit on a flat surface, while some need fixing down using stickers or screws.

5. Durability

You don’t want to see your tablet falling off when you rotate the screen, so make sure the stand is sturdy enough not to

tip over easily. Many stands have clips or stickers holding the tablet in place on the mount.

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