A dining chair is part of a dining room furniture set. A set of dining room chairs, often six or more, is arranged around a dining room table. A dining chair is a small chair with a frame that is not upholstered. It has a solid frame and it may or may not have arms. The seat and back may or may not be upholstered.

Accent chairs are chairs that are placed strategically in a room to provide additional seating. There are two approaches to making use of an accent chair. One approach is to place the chair in a position that complements or accents the colors and textures of larger pieces, such as a sofa. A second approach to the use of this type of chair is to create a secondary seating area within the room.

Ergonomic accent chair is brimming with mid-century flair. This chair accents a modern living room setup and creates a comforting retreat - as the name suggests. Its inviting curved contours, organic shapes, soft padded upholstery and a footstool supports countless seating positions.

A swivel accent chair is one in which may rotate the seat about a central point to face in a new direction without moving the legs. Swivel chairs with wheels on the base allow users to move the chair around their workspace without getting up. This style is commonly found in modern offices and is also known as office chairs.

Barstools are a type of tall stool, often with a foot rest to support the feet. The height and narrowness of bar stools makes them suitable for use at bars and high tables in pubs or bars. There are many different types, construction materials and models. Bar stools are often made of wood or metal. There are bar stools with and without armrests, backs, and padding or upholstery on the seat surface. Bar stools can range from basic wooden designs to more complex ones with adjustable height. Extra tall and extra short are common features, as well as indoor bar stools and outdoor bar stools. Some bar stools have backs, while most do not.

Leather barstool uses a good stool fabric, leather. The material is hard to rip, tear, or put holes into it. Also, it is easy to clean and can resist stains. An leather bar stool is a protean seating option that can add some color and character to any living space or commercial establishment. It looks classy, is comfortable and can also be your go-to seating for impromptu meal preps on the kitchen island.

Fabric barstool has backs. And when sitting on it, you fell comfortable, warm and soft. Also, it is decorative, easy to clean, resists stains, and is hard to tear or rip. Plus, it is also waterproof.

Metal frame barstool is made of quality metal with classic textured melamine veneer. The mixed materials combine the notably rustic with modern style. Barstool is ideal for a kitchen eating area, living room, party room, country pub, or basement bar. It's easy to match for most themes. This bar stool is rustic in feel with modern appeal with a wrap-around foot rest for comfort.

An ottoman is a form of couch that usually has a head but no back, although sometimes it has neither. It may have square or semicircular ends, and as a rule it is what upholsterers call "overstuffed", meaning no wood is visible. It may be used as a stool, footstool or as an alternative to a sofa. Ottomans are often sold as coordinating furniture with armchairs or gliders.

A bench (furniture) is a type of chair that commonly can hold 1-5 people at one time although a bench can be made to support more people if the area has the demand. Most benches are in public areas such as: Parks, Airports, Subways, and on large city roads.
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