Disposable medical mask
Specification锛欴isposable surgical mask,non-sterile,ear-lop 17.5x9.5
Feature锛歞isposable medical mask,non-sterile mask,type II R,
Material锛?8% non-woven fabrics,17% melt blown,3% pvc,7% Fe,9% PC,6%SP.
Testing report
Quality control system
1. Filter material comprehensive performance tester.
2. Ultraviolet spectrophotometer.
3. Tensile tester.
4. Ventilation resistance tester.
5. Isolation type constant temperature incubator.
6. Mould cultivation cabinet.
Factory discription
ZHEJIANG QUZHOU RONGBO MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO.LTD was extablished in 1997,located in Quzhou city,Zhejiang province.It covers an area of about 13000 square meters,with 6000 square meters buliding area,consisting of cleaning and control rooms for productions,sterilization workshop, laboratory, administration offices and warehouses.With more than 3600 square meters clean workshop which complies with GMP standard.
Also our productions will be texted by particle filtration efficiency(PFE), bacterial filtration efficiency(BFE), synthetic blood penetration, microorganism, pressure differential, fire resistance
Our main products are disposable medical mask,surgical mask,FFP2,KN95.White list both from CHINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and NATIONAL MEDICAL PRODUCTIONS ADMINISTRATION.Also we have obtained certificates such as CE,ISO,FDA.
1. BFE鈮?8%
2. Non-sterile surgical mask
3. Synthetic blood penetration锛?ml synthetic 16kpa(120mmHg)
4. Total bacterial colonyCFU/g鈮?0
5. For hospital use,surgical mask manufacturer,double white list
6. Anti-dust,anti-bacterial,self-protection
7. 10pcs in one sterile bag
8. Low breathing resistance,resist of bacteria,dust,pollen,aieborne chemical particulate,smoke and mist
9. Economical,pratical,fashion and protective
10. Unique surface water resistance and soft lining
11. Non-irritating,glass fiber free and latex free
1). The mask has white and blue sides,with the white side facing in and the metal side facing up
2).Cover the moutg and nose with the mask,and then hang the mask belt on the ear
3).Press the metal wire of the upper nasal root of the mask with two index fingers to make it close to the nose skin,and then move the finger to both sides gradually,so that the whole mask is close to the face skin
Our products have passed the registration of China Food and Drug Administration and obtained the registration certificate.
3-PLY Protection BFE 鈮?8% Splash-Resistant鈮?20mmHg (16kPa)
Used by healthcare professionals in an operating room or other medical settings to reduce the risk of the spread of infections, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations. It also protect the wearer against splashes of potentially contaminated fluids in a special case.
1. Lightweight, comfortable, odorless, glass fiber-free, non-irritating to the skin, waterproof.
2. Soft and comfortable adjustable nose bridge clip
3. Breathing resistance should be small, and it is hygienic to wear. Adsorb aerosol, dust, smoke, mist, toxic gas and toxic vapor through the filter material, and block it from being inhaled by people.
Other features
1. Filtration efficiency: Under the specified conditions, the protective products will filter out particulate matter in the air;
2. Flame retardant performance: the performance of the protective product to prevent itself from being ignited, flame burning and flame retardant;
3. Disinfection: use physical or chemical methods to kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission medium to make them harmless;
4. Sterilization: use physical or chemical methods to kill all microorganisms on the vector to make them sterile;
5. Can achieve the role of dust.China Type II R suppliers
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