The embedded channel can meet the stability of water flow impact for railway and road transportation in steel energy processing using special production equipment, thereby ensuring the stability of materials in the pipeline. The machining techniques maintained during use guarantee the durability and durability of various stainless steel materials.

Pipe gallery, that is, the corridor of the pipeline. Many pipelines in chemical and related factories are concentrated together and arranged along the outside of the device or factory building, usually in the air, supported by brackets, forming a look similar to a corridor. There are also a few pipe galleries located underground. Generally open. The main place for the centralized laying of pipelines for large-scale installations is composed of columns, beams and trusses of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. A structural member used to support the overhead laying of pipelines on the ground. The pipe gallert brackets are divided into fixed brackets, sliding brackets, guide brackets, rolling brackets, etc. Pipe supports are used in any place where pipes are laid, and are also called pipe supports, pipe parts, etc.

Support arm bracket increases the design of the reinforcement ribs to increase the bending resistance of the C-shaped channel steel. There are serrations at the internal crimping of the channel steel. These serrations have the characteristics of anti-shearing, anti-sliding and anti-impact, which is convenient for the connection of the whole system. There is an auxiliary scale mark on the surface of the channel steel, which is convenient for on-site installation and processing, and the waist-shaped hole on the back is convenient for installation and adjustment.

A bolt is a mechanical fastener with a threaded shaft. Bolts are closely related to screws, which are also mechanical fasteners with threaded shafts. These types of fasteners are typically inserted through two parts, with aligned holes. According to some definitions, whether something is a bolt or a screw depends on how it is used.

T-shaped bolt This type of bolt's head is in shape like the English word "T" and it is mostly used for fitting any job or workpiece in a table.

Hex bolts can be used in tight spaces to secure wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Hex bolts are commonly used in buildings, bridges, docks and highway structures, but you can find hex bolts in all industries and all homes. In most cases, you’ll use a wrench or a spanner to tighten or loosen hex bolts.
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