Bar Stool

Bar stools ;are a type of tall stool, often with a footrest to support the feet. The height and narrowness of bar stools make them suitable for use at bars and high tables in pubs or bars.

Before Prohibition in the United States, bar stools were not used in drinking establishments, but in food establishments. Bars without stools were the norm, and that was considered "an American peculiarity".

There are many different types, of construction materials, and models. Bar stools are often made of wood or metal. There are bar stools with and without armrests, backs, and padding or upholstery on the seat surface. Bar stools can range from basic wooden designs to more complex ones with adjustable height. Extra tall and extra short are common features, as well as indoor bar stools and outdoor bar stools. Some bar stools have backs, while most do not. In commercial settings, swivel and floor-mounted bar stools are common. Floor mounting renders the stool immovable, so it cannot be stolen or used as a weapon in a bar fight. Floor-mounted stools generally are mounted on a column, but stools with legs can also be secured to the floor using metal brackets.

Why Opt for Upholstered Bar Stools?

Let's take a look at some obvious benefits and advantages of upholstered bar stools:

1. Uniqueness

Upholstered stools look entirely original. The standard styles can only be utilized in specific areas of some restaurants. They usually don't look great anywhere else. But upholstered stools can be used in several different spots aside from the bar or pool room space. This gives the restaurant owner the flexibility to move them from place to place as needed. Since they have multi-use features, it provides the restaurant owner with a higher return on investment.

2. Quick Transformation

Another good thing about upholstered bar stools is that it's easy to alter their look. All you need is some new fabric with very minimal labor work for replacement. This is perfect for owners who like changing their decor from time to time to create an exciting vibe in your restaurant. All you have to do is reupholster them to suit your new style, and you're set.

Get a metal or wood framework in an excellent neutral shade that can go with almost everything and is timeless. You would be able to use well-designed upholstered bar stools for decades with these basic alterations when needed. You can easily make it look brand new with very little additional expense and do not have to worry about acquiring new stools.

3. Seamless Styling

Another thing about upholstered bar stools is that they won't look odd in your restaurant. If you upholster them with high-quality materials on the seats and/or back, you can place them right beside other features and furniture in your restaurant, and they'll create the right aesthetic. Bar stools can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be.

Advantages of Leather Bar Stools

People are now sitting on stools for longer than ever before. Versatile and multipurpose, they're not just used in bar areas but at kitchen worktops and the like for preparing dinner, watching TV, completing homework, as well as a multitude of other activities. Consequently, a comfortable leather bar stool ;is required to give you the support needed to sit for extended periods. Comfort is especially key in commercial environments, from casinos to bars, where owners wish to entice their patrons to stay for the longest amount of time possible, therefore generating the most revenue.

Leather is ideally suited for use in bar stools due to its enduring durability. From the fast-paced kitchens to bustling bars, they're designed for messy environments subject to copious amounts of food and drink. Unlike more refined dining environments, stools are more casual and hence people don't take as much care will crumbs and spillages. This is intensified in commercial settings due to extremely heavy use, and the increased likelihood of wear and tear due to rough handling.

How to Choose the Right Dining Chair: The Ultimate Dining Chair Guide

How to Measure a Dining Chair

When measuring a dining chair, there are a couple of key things you need to consider. This includes the size of your space, the size of your table, and the comfort of you and your guests. A chair that is perfect for one table just might not be right for another. This is why it’s important to find a chair that suits you and your space. That said, here are the need to know dining chair measurements:

Height: This is from the very top of the chair right down to the floor. This measurement will vary vastly from chair to chair so is important to check. A taller chair will give an overall more formal, enclosed look whereas chairs with lower backs will open up your dining space.

Seat Width: This is the measurement of the seat from side to side. This will tell you how wide the chair is and dictate how many chairs you can fit around your table.

Seat Height: This is the height of the chair from the floor up to the bottom of the seat. Very important measurement when it comes to seeing how well your chairs will fit under your choice of the dining table.

Depth: Seat depth is measured from the front of the seat to the back, so as far back as you can sit.

Back Height: This is not the height of the whole seat but rather the height of the backrest. The chair style and support will differ greatly depending on the height of the seatback.

Footprint: This measurement is how much floor space, or footprint, the seat occupies. Much like seat width, this will help you decide how many chairs you’ll be able to fit around your table.

The Upsides and Downsides of Upholstered Dining Chairs

The absolute biggest advantage of upholstered dining chairs ;is the level of comfort they offer. Upholstered dining chairs are like personal couches to sit in while you eat. The idea is to sink into a big upholstered chair and stay parked there for a while. If your family dinners usually run on the longer side, choosing the most comfortable chair possible seems to be the only option. ;

On the same side of that coin, any lengthy sitting activity requires a comfy chair. If you multitask your dining room table as an entertainment or conversation space, that's another great reason to prioritize the comfort of your chairs. If you like to sit at the dining room table to sip coffee and build puzzles or play cards after dinner, you need a chair that will be easy to sit in for a number of hours. ;

Another benefit of upholstered chairs is the way they add to the decor of a room. Upholstered chairs allow you to utilize your dining room's colors and patterns to make a stronger statement. If your dining room is more than a traditional wooden table with a traditional chandelier, you might want to be able to express elements of design with your seating. ;

With all these pros comes a significant con. Your dining room, much like your kitchen, is an area in your home that's prone to spills. Everyone is eating and drinking, and it's inevitable that some of that food and drink will make its way to your upholstery. If you have young children, it's practically a guarantee that at least one chair will see a spill every night. ;

Benefits of Leather Dining Chairs

When it comes to interior design, there are many benefits of leather dining chairs. There are three types available – real, faux, and bonded – each with its own benefits and host of stylish attributes. ;

Real Leather

Resilient to cracking, peeling, or tearing, it's a highly durable and practical material that's known for aging well. Becoming softer and more attractive over time, any worn spots simply gain a sleek burnished look, enhancing their character. With pores like skin, it breathes and changes temperature with your body, characteristically warmer than sitting on ABS plastic or wooden finished products. Unlike fabric it does not hold dust, making it resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks; a great dust-free option for asthma and allergy sufferers. Sun, heat, and fire-resistant, it also makes for a safer choice than many other soft furnishings.

Faux Leather

With an element of stretch, the faux is less susceptible to puckering, perfect for rounder styles of chairs. A key feature is that it can be dyed to a rainbow of colors, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and decors. ;

Low maintenance, scratch, and fade-resistant, it's a popular choice with families and business professionals alike. Its water repellent, stain-resistant surface means it can easily be wiped clean should any spillages occur, perfect in a busy kitchen and dining environment, especially with messy children and pets. ;

Bonded Leather

A halfway house between the two, bonded leather draws attributes from each. Made from leftover genuine leather pieces joined together with adhesive and covered in vinyl, it's a recycled material and “green” choice that's popular with many of our environmentally aware customers. With its trademark antiqued finish yet budget cost, it is highly sought after.

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