Medical Masks Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester
Product Details
Masks synthetic blood penetration resistance tester also called splash resistance tester is to evaluate the penetration 鈥?splash resistance property of medical face masks by the impact of a small fixed volume of a high-velocity stream of synthetic blood which is projected horizontally. The pneumatically controlled valve will simulate the splatter of blood or other body fluid to disburse at the specimen mask. The tester is suitable to determine the synthetic blood penetration of materials or certain materials used in medical face masks.
ISO 22609, ASTM F1862, YY/T 0469, YY/T0691, GB/T 19083
路 Integration valve and trimming controller.
路 High transmittance visual box.
路 Splattering speed can be preset as requirement.
Cannula肖0.84mm, 12.7mm
Splatter distance305mm
Fluid velocity450cm/s, 550cm/s, 636cm/s
Blood pressure10.7kPa, 16.0kPa, 21.3kPa
Testing condition21卤5鈩? 85卤10%
Power supply220 AC 50Hz
Net weight40 kg
88.18lbCustomized Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester
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